About Us

Meet The Founder

With a passion, that’s how owner/founder Sydney Hunt runs her life.  You can find her in her salon, Bella Leigh’s, working on her farm, or packing orders with love from Wild Seed Wellness.  Her obsession is hair, but moreover, HEALTHY HAIR! Wild Seed was born out of Sydney’s desire to deliver a truly remarkable product in the face of so many frankly bad options.  Wild Seed is on a mission to change lives on head at a time by providing natural, good for you alternatives that are truly better than anything you’re used to.  We can’t wait for you to experience the Wild Seed Way!

Ingredients Matter

Zero Parabens, No Sulfate or Silicone EVER! Despite their minimal benefits, prolonged exposure to these harsh chemicals can strip hair of it’s natural oils, causing scalp irritation, drying of the hair, split ends, and can lead to hair loss.  

Mainly acting as preservatives or fillers, parabens and silicones are known to disrupt hormones stressing your body, hair, and skin.  These contaminants coat the hair strands, keeping moisture and nutrients from penetrating the hair shaft.

Our plant based CBD hair products offer a daily regimen that will help replenish the hair’s natural oils and minerals to restore luster and shine for beautiful hair.  This “natural” product line is effective in giving that clean feeling with less washes.  That means less chemicals and irritants absorbed into your body.